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Multi-Modality Imaging , Simulation , And Treatment Planning- 1.0 Credit | Program Summary: Randi Marquis discusses various imaging modalities and the advantages image fusion in treatment planning. Learning Objectives Understand the difference between multiple imaging modalities for radiation planning Understand the importance of positioning and challenges for simulation between the imaging modalities. Understand the importance of fusion of diagnostic images for treatment planning […]
Turner Talks with Cheryl Turner: Guest Tim Kelly Discusses DICOM Imaging- 1.0 Credit | Program Summary: Tim Kelley joins Turner Talks to discuss the landscape of medical image transfer in the modern day. Cheryl and Tim will discuss how issues such as security, speed, and reliability have been addressed when sharing medical images between facilities. Objectives After the webinar, participants will understand … 1. The threats […]
PET Myocardial Perfusion Imaging Supplemented with Coronary Flow Reserve- 1.0 CE Credit | Program Summary: The course will discuss the development of a PET myocardial imaging program in community hospital. The indications for the examination, protocols, advantages over conventional SPECT and image acquisition will be presented. The definition and significance of coronary flow reserve will be reviewed and how the concept can be applied to […]
Turner Talks with Cheryl Turner: Becoming a Leader in the Medical Imaging Field with Guest Denise Adcock Podcast- 1.0 CE Credit | Program Summary: Today, Denise Adcock joins Cheryl to discuss her decision to become a leader as well as the process she went through to become a successful leader, some of the challenges she discovered, and ways she continues to grow her leadership skills. Program Overview & Objectives Identify reasons to become a […]
MR Image Quality- 1.0 CE Credits | MR Image Quality – Optimizing Clinical protocol for 3T  As part of our ongoing series “Optimizing Clincal Protocols for 3T our 2nd program will focus on MR Imaging Quality. Outline/Topics Signal to Noise Ratio What TR should I use? Contrast Imaging Triangle Contrast (SNR) Spatial Resolution Acquisition Time Noise Time Spent […]