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Turner Talks with Cheryl Turner: Guests Mellonie Brown-Zacarias and Dr. Steven Goetsch Discuss AI in the Radiation Sciences- 1.0 Credit | Program Summary: Join Cheryl as she welcomes Mellonie Brown-Zacarias and Dr. Steven Goetsch to discuss Artificial Intelligence in the Radiation Sciences. They will review the history of artificial intelligence and robotics as well as the history of AI in clinical practice and discuss how AI is now used in treatment planning and in […]
Turner Talks with Cheryl Turner: Guest Shivani Narayanan Discusses Emotional Reactions of Veterinary Radiation Therapists- 1.0 Credit | Program Summary: Cheryl Turner welcomes Shivani to the podcast to discuss the emotional toll of being a radiation therapist in veterinary medicine. They will discuss interactions with pets as well as their owners, and how the community of radiation therapists in veterinary medicin e cooperate and interact. Get CEs Program Link: https://rad-cast.com/turner-talks-with-cheryl-turner-guest-shivani-narayanan-discusses-emotional-reactions-of-veterinary-radiation-therapists-ce-arrt/ Thank […]
Turner Talks with Cheryl Turner: Lindsay Smith discusses Training with Simulation: Learning from VERT- 1.0 Credit | Program Summary: The original recording contains a video demonstration of the software. For optimal learning see the link below. Cheryl welcomes Lindsay Smith to the program to discuss VERT, a simulation tool for radiology training. They will discuss the history and development and VERT, how it is used in training, and give a […]
Turner Talks with Cheryl Turner: Leadership Topics – Leading Different Personalities and Generations- 1.0 Credit | Program Summary: Join Cheryl Turner, Denise Adcock, Mary Cowan, and Jordan Johnson for the next installment of our leadership series of Turner Talks. Today, the panel will discuss the challenges and strategies of leading a group with differing personality to best optimize performance as well as efficiency, as well as the differences in […]
Turner Talks with Cheryl Turner: Guest Tim Kelley on Moving into the Future with Telemedicine- 1.0 Credit | Program Summary: Join us on today’s Turner Talk as we are joined by Tim Kelley. This discussion will focus on the growing importance of telemedicine. Cheryl and Tim will go over the history of telemedicine as well as its future. They will also discuss how the COVID-19 outbreak influenced how quickly facilities adopted […]