Turner Talks with Cheryl Turner and guest Jason Hernandez: A Day in the Life of a Mobile X-ray Tech

Course Format: Webinar (GoTo Meeting)
Course Credits Offered: CE ARRT, CE Nurse
Course Credit: 1.0
Course Cost: Free webinar, Free credits to live attendees
Mobile Friendly: Yes
Air Date & Time:2020-01-28 at 12:00:00 CST

Program Summary:
Today, Jason Hernandez joins Cheryl to discuss a day in the life of a Mobile X-Ray Tech. They will discuss the history of the job, as well as its benefits and challenges. Jason covers safety tips, licensure and gives you all the information you?ll need to decide if the life of a Mobile X-Ray Tech is right for you!

By the end of this session, audiences will understand:
  • How to safely conduct readings on the road
  • The differences between going mobile and working in a facility
  • The education and skills necessary to succeed as a Mobile X-Ray Tech

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