Turner Talks with Cheryl Turner and guest Tim Kelley talk about DICOM Imaging and moving images.

Course Format: Webinar (GoTo Meeting)
Course Credits Offered: CE ARRT, CE Nurse
Course Credit: 1.0
Course Cost: Free webinar, Free credits to live attendees
Mobile Friendly: Yes
Air Date & Time:2020-01-14 at 12:00:00 CST

Program Summary:
Tim Kelley joins Turner Talks to discuss the landscape of medical image transfer in the modern day. Cheryl and Tim will discuss how issues such as security, speed, and reliability have been addressed when sharing medical images between facilities.

Objectives:After the webinar, participants will understand?
  • The threats posed to hospitals by data breaches, and how a secure image transfer system addresses that
  • The advantages of a direct file transfer service over a physical CD transfer
  • Understand what PHI is and how medical image files can contain PHI

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