3D Bolus, Additive Manufacturing, & Personalized Care

  May 15th, 2019   -     0.5 CE Credit   -  

(0.5 CE Credit)
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Still using wet gauze, folded towels, or any of the other ‘homemade’ bolus materials for your patients? On this episode of Rad-Cast, we talk to Peter Hickey from Adaptiiv about the innovative technologies that change the bolus game and improve patient treatments. Adaptiiv’s treatment method improves the patient experience. No more wet gauze, wax moulds or tape. A custom, patient-specific bolus is the most comfortable and accurate in the field that fits like a second skin. Learn more about this incredible development and listen in to see how it all works!

A study guide for this episode is available at the link below:

Study Guide

You can learn more about this incredible technology or reach out to the developers by clicking on the following link to their website: