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Turner Talks with Cheryl Turner: Women in Leadership- 1.0 Credit | Program Summary: Cheryl Welcomes Dusty York, Jennifer Mashburn, and Rhonda Weaver to discuss the Women in Leadership. The four will discuss their experience in becoming leaders, unique challenges they faced, and how they found success as leaders. Program Link: https://rad-cast.com/turner-talks-with-cheryl-turner-women-in-leadership-ce-arrt/ Thank you for downloading the Turner Talks program. Turner Talk webinar programs are aired […]
Turner Talks with Cheryl Turner: The Next Generation of Burnout – The Impact of Stress on RTT Students- 1.0 Credit | Program Summary: Hope Petzenhauser joins Cheryl to discuss burnout among RTTs and how that burnout and stress is affecting the next generation. Program Link: https://rad-cast.com/turner-talks-with-cheryl-turner-the-next-generation-of-burnout-the-impact-of-stress-on-rtt-students/ Thank you for downloading the Turner Talks program. Turner Talk webinar programs are aired on Tuesdays at noon central time. To join a noon Turner Talk webinar go […]
Turner Talks With Cheryl Turner: Guests Dania Elder and Anthony Mungo Discuss MRI Safety- 1.0 Credit | Program Summary: Join Cheryl Turner as she welcomes Dania Elder and Anthony Mungo to discuss the importance of MRI Safety. In this talk they will cover the differences between MRI and other modalities, the unique risks posed by MRI, the use of contrast agents and the protocols to improve MRI Safety Program Link: […]
Turner Talk Special: Bullying – A Cancer within the Department- 1.0 Credit | Program Summary: The Turner Talks Panel of Cheryl Turner, Jordan Johnson, Dr. Mary Cowan, and Dusty York teams up to discuss workplace bullying. Bullying exists in many forms and is most often associated with school age children. However, it is now a prominently identified problem in the workplace, including the radiation therapy department. […]
Turner Talks with Cheryl Turner: Switching Careers – From Clinic to Education- 1.0 Credit | Program Summary: the second installment of our Switching Careers series, Cheryl welcomes Kelli Haynes and Carolyn Kiser Whitt to discuss transitioning to the educational setting. They will discuss the paths they took to get to where they are, education and credentialing that helped them along the way, and the advantages of working in […]