What is Rad-Cast?

Dr. Cheryl Turner realized an enormous need for transparency, a huge gap in relevant educational offerings, and great big opportunity to give back to radiation therapists, other radiation sciences folks, and our profession . . . so here I am. I hope to bring real life stories that provide practical and knowledgeable education and training from all corners of the world and all facets of the market. I will be talking to radiation therapists, doctors, physicists, nuc med, rad techs (of all modalities), educators, nurses, vendors, researchers, innovators, other podcasters, business experts, and probably some people I haven’t met yet!

I saw a really BIG need and had a really BIG idea! This can grow as big as we all make it! Let’s do big things!

Who is Rad-Cast?

Cheryl Turner

Radiation Therapist | Educator | Advocate | Researcher | Speaker | Turned Podcaster


Kim Robinson

Customer Advocate | Survivor Advocate | Cancer Survivor | Oncology Nursing Technician

What’s Next?

Let us know how we are doing or what you are thinking. We would love to hear from you!

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