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PET Myocardial Perfusion Imaging Supplemented with Coronary Flow Reserve

  Jan 10th, 2020   -     1.0 CE Credit, Podcast   -  

1.0 CE Credit | Program Summary: The course will discuss the development of a PET myocardial imaging program in community hospital. The indications for the examination, protocols, advantages over conventional SPECT and image acquisition will be presented. The definition and significance of coronary flow reserve will be reviewed and how the concept can be applied to […]

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Turner Talks with Cheryl Turner: Becoming a Leader in the Medical Imaging Field with Guest Denise Adcock Podcast

  Jan 8th, 2020   -     1.0 CE Credit, Podcast   -  

1.0 CE Credit | Program Summary: Today, Denise Adcock joins Cheryl to discuss her decision to become a leader as well as the process she went through to become a successful leader, some of the challenges she discovered, and ways she continues to grow her leadership skills. Program Overview & Objectives Identify reasons to become a […]

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MR Image Quality

  Dec 23rd, 2019   -     1.0 CE Credit, Podcast   -  

1.0 CE Credits | MR Image Quality – Optimizing Clinical protocol for 3T  As part of our ongoing series “Optimizing Clincal Protocols for 3T our 2nd program will focus on MR Imaging Quality. Outline/Topics Signal to Noise Ratio What TR should I use? Contrast Imaging Triangle Contrast (SNR) Spatial Resolution Acquisition Time Noise Time Spent […]

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Clinical MRI at 3.0T Overview – Podcast

  Dec 15th, 2019   -     1.0 CE Credit, Podcast   -  

1.0 CE Credits | This 6-part series offers technologists a structured introduction to the basic concepts of scanning at 3 Tesla (3T). Many of the topics presented are intended to provide direction in optimizing clinical protocols for 3T. This program assumes the attendee has a basic knowledge and understanding of MR principles. Course Objectives: Benefits […]

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Turner Talks with Cheryl Turner with guest Jordan Johnson and Mary Cowan on Productivity

  Dec 11th, 2019   -     1.0 CE Credit, Podcast   -  

1.0 CE Credit | Turner Talks with Cheryl Turner: Leadership Topics – Productivity This course describes the CMS “Productivity over Patients” initiative which recently reached a 2 year milestone. Productivity and Efficiency measures were meant to be used as guidelines for improvement in quality and patient experience. Alternately, these measures have been used to justify the […]

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Pod | So you want to be a Nuclear Cardiology Technologist… What you need to know and what to study

  Dec 5th, 2019   -     1.0 CE Credit, Podcast   -  

(1.0 CE Credit) | COURSE DESCRIPTION This online presentation explores the steps needed to successfully sit for and pass the Nuclear Cardiac Technologist (NCT) Exam. The course reviews the subject matter that needs to be reviewed as well as explains the top suggestions that can help the NM Technologist prepare for and sit for the […]

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Radiation Safety Protocols for Fluoroscopy: What are X-Rays?

  Nov 21st, 2019   -     1.0 CE Credit, Podcast   -  

(1.0 CE Credit) X-rays have revolutionized medicine and enabled us to diagnose and help patients that would not have been possible without them. X-rays can cause acute harm, cancer and birth defects if not administered correctly and that is why practitioners must understand and manage patient dose and scattered radiation to insure overall safety. In […]

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Turner Talks with Cheryl Turner: Cross Training and Advancing Professional Credentials

  Nov 19th, 2019   -     1.0 CE Credit, Podcast   -  

(1.0 CE Credits) | Are you Cross Trained? If not, why not? Cheryl and Ron Jones – founder of the website – will talk about the benefits of Cross Training. Cheryl and Ron will start the conversation off by talking about the different professional credentials available to imaging healthcare professionals. After a review of […]

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Turner Talks with Cheryl Turner: Leadership in the medical imaging field, are you a leader?

  Nov 14th, 2019   -     1.0 CE Credit, Podcast   -  

1.0 CE ARRT Credit In this program, Cheryl has invited three nationally recognized leaders in medical imaging to talk about their ideas of leadership. These leaders will talk about what it means to be a formal and an informal leader within a healthcare delivery team. Cheryl’s team of experts will also discuss the impact leaders […]

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Turner Talks with Cheryl Turner: What You Need to Know about Coding, Billing, and Compliance with guest Jordan Johnson

  Nov 13th, 2019   -     1.0 CE Credit, Podcast   -  

Did you ever wonder what all of those billing codes mean? Where did they come from and who decides what is what? Are there professional consequences if you do not fully understand the revenue management cycle? Who is responsible for all of that? On this episode, we talk to Jordan Johnson [Director of Data Science […]

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