Banishing Burnout: For Employees, Departments, and our Profession (Free CE!)

  Jan 9th, 2019   -     1.0 CE Credit   -  

(1.0 CE Credit)


On this Rad-Cast episode, we are talking to Dr Gina Passmore about a topic that I am very passionate about and one that deserves a much needed conversation. We are going to discuss workplace stress, burnout, and the implications for provider and patient safety. The learning objectives for this show are:

  • Describe what burnout is and how it affects workplace environments
  • Understand the stressors that contribute to burnout
  • Explore the roles of leadership and positive well-being on successful workplace environments

You will also find an outline of today’s show posted in the link below; this will provide you with resources and study tips as you prepare for the CE quiz!

(Banishing Burnout_OutlineStudyNotes)

Keywords: burnout, radiation therapy, radiology, stress, leadership, patient care