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Turner Talks with Cheryl Turner: Guest Tim Kelley on Moving into the Future with Telemedicine

  Apr 28th, 2020   -     1.0 CE Credit, Podcast   -  

1.0 Credit | Program Summary: Join us on today’s Turner Talk as we are joined by Tim Kelley. This discussion will focus on the growing importance of telemedicine. Cheryl and Tim will go over the history of telemedicine as well as its future. They will also discuss how the COVID-19 outbreak influenced how quickly facilities adopted […]

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Turner Talks With Cheryl Turner: Guest Dr. Asante Dickson Discusses Trauma CT

  Apr 21st, 2020   -     1.0 CE Credit, Podcast   -  

1.0 Credit | Program Summary: Join us on today’s Turner Talk as we are joined by Dr. Asante Dickson. This presentation will dive into the intricacies of trauma CT and emergency department processes. We will discuss emergency preparedness and the guidelines around when and why to perform trauma CTs, including the use of contrast media. We […]

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Turner Talks with Cheryl Turner: Guest Dusty York Discusses Positron Emission Tomography

  Apr 14th, 2020   -     1.0 CE Credit, Podcast   -  

1.0 Credit | Program Summary: This course will explore the implications and usage of Positron Emission Tomography. Along with Dusty York, we will discuss the patient and technologists’ role and experience with PET. What disease processes are most commonly visualized through PET imaging and how did it become an integral part of oncology care? We will […]

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Turner Talk Special: Strength Through Community – How we as healthcare professionals and the imaging community tackle Coronavirus

  Mar 31st, 2020   -     1.0 CE Credit, Podcast   -  

1.0 Credit | Program Summary: Join Cheryl Turner, Mary Cowan, Dusty York, and Jordan Johnson to discuss the impact of Coronavirus on imaging centers and how we as a community can adjust and address the challenges. Get CEs Program Link: Coming shortly Thank you for downloading the Turner Talks program. Turner Talk webinar programs are aired […]

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Current and Future Trends in Dementia

  Mar 19th, 2020   -     1.0 CE Credit, Podcast   -  

Covered in this course is a review of the clinical and pathophysiological criteria in diagnosing Alzheimer’s dementia. The concept of mild cognitive impairment (MCI) and its relation to Alzheimer’s disease will be presented. The role of FDG PET as well as a discussion of new beta amyloid tracers in the evaluation of MCI and Alzheimer’s […]

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Strategic Planning in Radiology

  Mar 18th, 2020   -     1.0 CE Credit, Podcast   -  

Join Mary Cowan in discussing Strategic Planning. Mary will discuss the value of a strategic plan, as well as how to effectively create and follow one. Objectives At the end of this course the person will be able to describe The steps necessary in Strategic Planning At the end of this course the person will […]

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Radiation Safety Protocols for Fluoroscopy: Biological Effects of Radiation

  Mar 13th, 2020   -     1.0 CE Credit, Podcast   -  

X-rays have revolutionized medicine and enabled us to diagnose and help patients that would not have been possible without them. X-rays can cause acute harm, cancer and birth defects if not administered correctly and that is why practitioners must understand and manage patient dose and scattered radiation to insure overall safety. In this fourth episode […]

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Clinical Cardiac Imaging: SPECT vs. PET

  Mar 5th, 2020   -     1.0 CE Credit, Podcast   -  

This course will discuss recent technological advancements to the field of nuclear cardiology as well as the advantages and limitations of both SPECT and PET myocardial perfusion imaging. Objectives: -Describe current techniques utilized in SPECT and PET cardiac imaging procedures -Discuss recent advancements within the field of nuclear cardiology -Compare SPECT and PET in terms […]

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Digital, Fluoroscopic and Adaptive Radiography

  Feb 27th, 2020   -     1.0 CE Credit, Podcast   -  

Radiation Protection has become one of the hottest topics in radiography. With the advent of digital equipment in the past 2 decades, technique-ing and the proper use of the AEC have become lost arts. Because of this over radiation has run rampant everywhere in the country. Since radiation protection is a major theme of this […]

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Role of Molecular Imaging in Infection and Inflammation

  Feb 20th, 2020   -     1.0 CE Credit, Podcast   -  

The presentation will present the implementation and indication of conventional nuclear medicine techniques that have traditionally been used when evaluating infectious or inflammatory conditions. Newer techniques for evaluating fever of unknown (FUO) with emphasis on FDG PET will be described. The role of FDG in specific infectious scenarios will be discussed including spondylodiscitis, endocarditis, pocket […]

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