MRI Anxiety: Helping Patients Cope

  Nov 27th, 2018   -     Podcast   -  

On today’s “teaser” episode, we will look at some answers to the following questions … Get Ready! The whole MRI: Patient Anxiety show is coming up soon!

  1. What is MRI and how is it different than other modalities?
  2. What type of patient requires an MRI?
  3. What things are you looking for?
  4. What is the process of MRI?
  5. Why does it seem to be more difficult for patients?
  6. What implications does this have for facilities, patients, and providers?
  7. Historically, what has been done to alleviate patient anxiety?
  8. What is and how did you develop your technique?
  9. What is the data behind your method?
  10. What is your ultimate goal with the program?

Keywords: mri, radiation therapy, patient care, radiology, stress, anxiety, patient safety