MRSO Training Kit - Part 11: Implanted Devices

Course Format: Online Video
Course Credit Type: CE ARRT
Course Credit: 1.00
Rewards Points Earned: 25
Course Category: *Imaging, MR Safety, *MRI, **Self-Study/On-Demand
Accreditation: This course is accredited by the Association of Vascular and Interventional Radiographers (AVIR) an approved ARRT RECEEM.
Course Producer: RITE Advantage LLC
Course Cost: $44.99
Mobile Friendly: Yes
Course Release Date: January 08, 2019
Course Expiration Date: January 31, 2021
Program Summary:

Implanted devices in MRI cause MRI technologists a lot of stress. These stresses can be reduces by developing a better understanding of risks associated with them. Passive and active implants provide their own set of risks and by understanding them, we can do a better job at keeping our patients safe. This webinar will provide information on many of the most common implants in MRI and help us reduce risks associated with them.

In part 11 of this 12 part course we will discuss how an MR safety program can implement these roles to decrease incidents, increase workflow, and decrease cancelled exams. When it comes to MR safety and making sure patients are not placed in harms way, what is the level of confidence you are making the right decision. Also, are you assessing risk to your patient appropriately and following best practices in the field. Finally, a course that is meant to not only build your knowledge and confidents in the field of MR safety, but also prepare you for your MRSO certification through the ABMRS. This course is designed to address situations that you have or will encounter in the field as well as discuss everything found on the ABMRS

other episodes:

  1. Zones and Site Planning
  3. The Static Magnetic Field
  4. Metal Artifacts and Magnetic Susceptibility
  5. Time Varying RF
  6. Burns In MRI
  7. Time Varying Gradient Field
  8. Pulse Sequences
  9. Cryogen Risk
  10. Contrast Media
  11. Implanted Devices
  12. Risk Assessment
This webinar will discuss how an MR safety program can implement these roles to decrease incidents, increase workflow, and decrease cancelled exams.

EnriquezMatt Rederer has been an MRI technologist for well over a decade. He has trained hundreds of MRI technologist in the field to improve their skills and knowledge. He teaches MRI physics at Elgin Community College and works full-time at Advocate Sherman Hospital as a lead MRI technologist and MRSO. He also holds the title MRI Technical and Safety Expert for the Advocate Health Care system. Matt also owns RITE Advantage LLC which is a company that helps individuals seeking credentialing in their career by giving them content and mock exams to help them pass their boards. He also has obtained is MRSO and MRSE certification through the ABMRS.

     Matt Rederer
RITE Advantage, LLC.

Credit Type: 12 category A CE credits

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