Nursing Assessment: A Multi-faceted Approach to Patient Care

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Cancer is not just one disease. There are many types of cancer. It’s not just one disease. Cancer can start in the lungs, the breast, the colon, or even in the blood. Cancers are alike in some ways, but they are different in the ways they grow and spread. The American Cancer Society estimates that in 2018, 43% of new cases diagnosed in males will be made up of 3 types of cancer: prostate, lung and bronchus, and colon and rectum. For the same time period in women, 50% of new cases will be attributed to breast cancer, lung and bronchus, and colon and rectum. Lung and bronchus cancers remain the most deadly form of the disease, constituting 25% of deaths in men and 26% in women. We talk to Claire Ahalt, a Family Nurse Practioner, who gives us a comprehensive overview of the most commonly evaluated and treated cancers in a typical healthcare setting, as well as typical treatments and assessments required by those cancer patients.


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