Painting with a Purpose: Immobilization and Masks for Pediatric Patients

  Aug 27th, 2018   -     0.5 CE Credit   -  

(0.5 CE Credit)


Careful treatment planning and dose calculation, when combined with effective and comfortable patient positioning and immobilization, may improve the probability of tumor control. Advances in radiation therapy equipment have had a significant impact on the accuracy of dose calculation and delivery. However, actual patient repositioning and immobilization, which have the potential to allow for the greatest variance in precise treatment delivery, are exceedingly vital to successful patient outcomes. Methods of immobilization have evolved distinctively over time and represent, simply put, the link between reproducible patient set-ups and comprehensive treatment schemes. On today’s show, we discuss the importance of effective immobilization and reviews a quick history of how we got to the methods that we use today. We are also going to the explore the buzz around painting masks with colorful characters and figures.

Keywords: radiation therapy, immobilization, radiation therapist, radiation oncology, pediatric, cancer, patient positioning, Orfit, Knight Cancer Institute, OHSU, thermoplastic, mask, head and neck, oncology, procedures

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