PET, CT, MRI: Oh My!

  Sep 23rd, 2018   -     0.5 CE Credit   -  

(0.5 CE Credit)


Multimodality imaging such as computed tomography (CT), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), and positron emission tomography (PET) plays an important role in accurately identifying both normal tissues and those that have become diseased. CT images are generally used for diagnosis, evaluation, and radiation therapy treatment planning. However, MRI images provide better softtissue definition. PET images are useful in identifying the disease at a metabolic level even before it is visible on CT or MRI scans. So, what about those RAD professionals that are educationally and clinically prepared to do one or more of these specialites? What does it mean to have certifications in multiple modalities and what is the difference between being certified and being cross-trained? What are the benefits, for professionals and for facilities?

Keywords: PET, CT, MRI, multimodality, xray, radiology, radiography, nuclear medicine, radiation therapy, oncology, patient care, arrt, asrt, continuingeducation, CEs, certification, licensure


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