Turner Talks with Cheryl Turner: Women in Leadership (CE ARRT)

Course Format: Online Video
Course Credit Type: CE ARRT
Course Credit: 1.00
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Course Category: **Self-Study/On-Demand, *Imaging, *Turner Talks
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Course Cost: Free
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Course Release Date: August 04, 2020
Course Expiration Date: August 04, 2021
Program Summary:

Cheryl Welcomes Dusty York, Jennifer Mashburn, and Rhonda Weaver to discuss the Women in Leadership. The four will discuss their experience in becoming leaders, unique challenges they faced, and how they found success as leaders.

  1. How did you get to your position of leadership?
  2. What all does that entail? Responsibilities?
  3. What prepared you for this role?
  4. What does it take to be a leader? Is it for everyone?
  5. What about being a woman in leadership?
    • What are the unique challenges?
    • How did you overcome or meet those challenges?
  6. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
  7. What advice do you have for others that are looking at taking on leadership roles?
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